"Trans woman as deciever" is a common trope and/or plot device used in presentation of trans women both in fictional and, perhaps more troublingly, in real life (think Jerry Springer) situations. It hinges on the idea that the motivation for transition is an intention to decieve somehow, whether to acquire a romantic/sexual partner, to gain access to a restricted space, or some other form of identity fraud.

One of the most famous pop culture examples is that of the character Dil in the 1992 movie The Crying Game, as well as being a major plot device in the first Ace Ventura movie. Despite a few near-throwaway lines clarifying the character is not transgender, this trope is also explored (not just in the movie but in later references) in a particularly grotesque manner by the character Buffalo Bill in the movie Silence Of The Lambs

It is also what is inferred by the slur "trap". The implication is that trans women are attempting to "trap" straight guys into being gay.

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